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    Protect and Defend: Sign-up for Workshops

    Donald Trump built his campaign by attacking and insulting Latinxs, immigrants, Muslims, and pledging "law and order" that has always meant further criminalization of Black people.

    Sign-up for a protect and defend training that can be offered near you to be prepared for what's to come.

    Mijente is partnering with front-line grassroots orgs like Puente Arizona and the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights who have direct experience with (hyper) criminalization and immigration enforcement so that you and your's can have the best defenses in case of being targeted in your workplace, home, or stops on the road.

    Trainings will cover:

    • What to do in case of raids
    • How to create a response network with friends and neighbors
    • What to do in police or ICE custody
    • More

    Fill out the interest form below and we'll follow-up when the training series is ready in the new year.

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    The Next Step: Join Mijente

    "Voyager, there are no bridges, one builds them as one walks." -Gloria Anzaldua

    Across movement and community, Latinx and Chicanx people are creating, moving, and shaking things up. We see the need for an organizing platform for self determination and justice for all our people; for movement building and campaigns and leadership towards racial, gender, economic justice and liberation. Mijente offers a place to aggregate, connect and amplify our efforts. In conversation with many of you, we’ve heard time and time again - how can I plug in? This represents our best thinking of how to build a powerful, nimble and generative platform. This represents the next step. Please fill out this registration form to formally join.


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