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    Tell Amazon: Stop Enabling ICE! Drop Palantir from Your Servers

    Amazon is paid millions of dollars to provide services to Palantir, the software company that helps ICE track down immigrants across the country.


    We're demanding that Amazon stop enabling Palantir and ICE. Amazon depends on our business more than they depend on Palantir, and if enough of us demand change, they'll be forced to act.


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    Palantir has a $53 million contract with ICE to provide “mission critical” services for the agency that help it surveil, track, and deport tens of thousands of immigrants nationwide. Its software is used as ICE’s primary data storage and analysis system and helps the agency build profiles of immigrants based off their “schooling, family relationships, employment information, phone records, immigration history” and much more, according to The Intercept.Without Palantir, ICE would be crippled in its attempts to find and deport every undocumented immigrant within our borders. Without Amazon, Palantir would be unable to help ICE.

    Amazon hosts Palantir on its web servers and is paid millions of dollars to provide Palantir the infrastructure needed to help ICE target and spy on our communities. Hundreds of Amazon employees have already signed a letter asking the company to drop its contract with Palantir.

    Both Palantir and Amazon have ethical duties not to aid and abet the wide-scale human rights abuses being perpetrated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

    Please sign the petition and share with your family and friends. We’ll make sure Amazon hears your voice, and follow up with more powerful ways you can increase the pressure on Amazon to stop enabling ICE.

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    Demographic change won't mean transformative change unless we organize. We're building with others who are pro-Black, pro-queer, pro-woman, pro-poor, because we need a movement for all of us.

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    The Next Step: Join Mijente

    "Voyager, there are no bridges, one builds them as one walks." -Gloria Anzaldua

    Across movement and community, Latinx and Chicanx people are creating, moving, and shaking things up. We see the need for an organizing platform for self determination and justice for all our people; for movement building and campaigns and leadership towards racial, gender, economic justice and liberation. Mijente offers a place to aggregate, connect and amplify our efforts. In conversation with many of you, we’ve heard time and time again - how can I plug in? This represents our best thinking of how to build a powerful, nimble and generative platform. This represents the next step. Please fill out this registration form to formally join.


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